Materials & Finishes

Controlling Costs: Choosing Materials & Finishes for Your Custom Home

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I hope this list of selections helps you with your custom build. It's easy to become overwhelmed with so many questions only you can answer, but hopefully, reviewing this list early in the process will help you feel prepared and stress-free, knowing what lies ahead.

Follow this link for your copy of my Preliminary Material and Finishes Checklist, to use on your new home build.

Below I'm breaking down the major materials and finishes that must be selected for any new build. This, by no means, i…

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8 of the Best Exterior Paint Colors

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Selecting exterior paint colors is very exciting because it means your home is almost done. This is the first impression your home makes to future guests, it's a huge part of your home's curb appeal, and it sets your home apart from it's surroundings (or makes it blend in, depending on your goals).

Below I've gathered up some of my favorite projects to hopefully inspire you when you're making your paint selections and to prepare you for this big decision, remember the following tips. 

1- Test …

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