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After months of construction, the anticipation and preparation of moving in to your new house is finally here! You've been looking forward to this for so long, so a simple and easy move, whether across town or cross country, might be just what you need to put the stress of building behind you. Recently, I had the great pleasure of interviewing Lisa, owner of Move Mama Move, an expert on movement, and a master of keeping a busy life organized. Below she shares stellar advice for moving, her experiences as a mom and physical therapist, and the products she creates so you can enjoy the process of moving to a new home.

Hi Lisa! I'm very impressed with your Relocation Planner. You've clearly moved a lot to include such detail. When did you start Move Mama Move? 

I started Move Mama Move after having my first kiddo back in 2017. We were planning another move across the country. I had moved over a dozen times, but I was overwhelmed with planning for the move with a baby. And there were no resources out there to help me stay organized. So, I started blogging about moving and motherhood. I wanted to share with others the lessons I was learning along the way to help make their journey, whether moving to a new home or parenting, a simpler one. In 2021, I launched the Move Mama Move Relocation Planner after realizing there wasn’t a good, straightforward guide to follow when moving. It is full of checklists, trackers, logs, and tips to keep people organized to save their sanity and money while moving. I’m in the process of expanding with other moving resources and just added an expanded version of the Relocation Planner and Box Labels and Room Tags to my inventory.

Wow, I can't imagine moving over a dozen times! Please tell me more...

I worked as a Physical Therapist for ten years, and in my last job as a PT, I managed a clinic of over ten staff members but got really burnt out. At that time, we were planning to move across the country for my husband’s work and just had a baby, so I was ready for a change by staying home to raise my family. I’ve always been a super organized, system-loving person. After 15 moves in a decade, I realized I had become an expert in moving. Whether moving locally or long distance, I had really done it all. I’ve hired movers to do it all, and I’ve done every type of DIY move in the book and everything in between. So, I’ve switched from working on the movement of the human body to the movement from one house to another.

I love that! So how exactly did you come up with the idea?

We were moving; I was new to parenting and was also a healthcare provider. So, I put together all the things I love into Move (Relocation), Mama (Parenthood), Move (Health). Regarding the Relocation Planner, I came up with this idea because I couldn’t find ready-made moving guides that fit my needs. I love thorough lists that I can check off without much thought, so I created a guide for planning a move.

I definitely love a good checklist too. What do people like most about your products?

A lot of customers rave about the checklists in the Relocation Planner. They like a list to work from that includes many tasks they may not have even thought of during the process.

What's one piece of advice you would give to anyone planning a move?

Get rid of as much as you can before moving. The less you move, the more time and money you can save. If you haven’t used, worn, or touched it in over a year, it’s time to pass it on to someone else.

YES! That makes total sense. Is there anything you love about moving?

I love the feeling of walking into a new home that is entirely empty. My mind goes wild with ideas for decor, organization, and function. It’s like a clean slate that I get to make my own.

I think my readers can totally relate to that! Can you share what products and services you offer?

I currently offer two different types of Relocation Planners:

  1. The Relocation Planner is a 140-page book full of checklists, trackers, recorders, tips, summaries, and to-do lists. I guide you on budgeting, finding movers, packing your belongings, being prepared for moving day, moving out of your current home, and also preparing for moving into your new home.
  2. The Home Search & Relocation Planner is 184-pages and includes everything inside the Relocation Planner, plus a home search section. Including a home search checklist, a wish list, a search index, and home profiles.

Both planners come in physical and digital versions. I also offer moving box labels and room tags to help keep your items organized when packing to ensure your belongings make it to the right space in your new home. Visit for more info!



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