HOMEmaker: Design the Perfect Floor Plan

design a plan with a heart!


~ Step 1 HEART ~

~ Step 2 FEELING ~

~ Step 3 PURPOSE ~

~ Step 4 HARMONY ~

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Untitled design (13)
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Hi, I'm Jenn!

I've been a practicing architect for 25 years and over the past decade I've focused primarily on working with clients, one-on-one, to help them through the process of designing and building their custom homes.

During that time, I've noticed all my clients have one thing in common, they want to be prepared for what comes next! Which makes perfect sense, this is one of life's biggest investments. Of course, no one wants lose their shirt, feel rushed, stressed-out, or 'in-the-dark'.

There's endless choices that only you can make, not to mention the pressure of selecting finishes you love that won't break the bank or cause delays in the schedule.

That's how this course was born! It's meant to be an encouraging resource to keep you organized, on track, and well-informed, not to mention, packed with expert advice, custom tools and extensive checklists - everything I use for my clients.

Keep reading below to hear what my clients thought about our time together!  


Well you certainly did a great job with my ‘not so great’ sketch!

"Thank you again for your great work and we are excited to get started hopefully soon now.”

PAT T., Homeowner


HOMEmaker: Design the Perfect Floor Plan


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